About us
At the inception of this journey, we were a group of enthusiasts captivated by the allure of stone. Fully aware that the Earth conceals endless wonders within its depths, we, the adventurers, decided to establish this company, infusing the spirit of exploration into the realm of stone.

Our founding purpose was to shatter conventions and defy the ordinary. Unsettled with merely providing stone products, we committed ourselves to discovering, excavating, and presenting the exquisite beauty of the Earth's most precious and unique stones. We delved into the veins of mines worldwide, carefully selecting each stone as a work of art.

Our mission is to bring the beauty of these stones to every corner, allowing people to experience firsthand the wonders of nature. We pursue excellence, demanding strict standards not only in product quality but also in design innovation and sustainable development, leading the industry in these aspects. Through our efforts, we aspire for each stone to tell a unique story, and for every customer to find precious memories within our products.

In this journey, we are not just a company but a passionate and creative expeditionary team. We believe that through stone, we can connect people with nature, conveying a philosophy of cherishing and respecting Earth's resources. This is not only our founding purpose but also the mission we tirelessly pursue.